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Nazca Lines Full Day

At the designated time, we will pick you up from your hotel and then you will be transferred to our hangar at the airport. Once we get there, a video film about the Nazca lines will be shown, so that our customers can get a better idea about the archaeological zone they are about to see from the air. We have small Cessna planes, which got room for five passengers, everyone with a window seat, so that you can observe the drawings properly.

The airplane flies in circles over each figure, so they will see them one by one following the instructions of our pilot. In addition, a map of the zone is provided so that you are able to recognize each figure. The whole flight lasts about 35 minutes, time in which, you will be able to see over 20 figures and hundreds of lines running in all directions.

Among the most impressive figures, you will see a huge monkey (90 meters long), a perfect representation of a hummingbird (50m), an enormous flamingo as long as 3 soccer fields, a spider, a whale, a parrot, a condor, a tree, a dog, a frog and several trapezoids that resemble ancient runways

Flight duration: 40 minutes

Round trip transfer to the airport.
A video film about the Nazca Lines.
Airport Taxes.
Personalized Bilingual Assistance.

You need to bring:
Sun block is extremely important as at this altitude the sun rays are sometimes unmerciful.

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Please send us your flight arrival details (TIME / AIRLINE / FLIGHT #:/ DATE) once you book the flights,that is for your free pick up from the airport, you should send this information at least 5 days in advance.

We need all this information in order to provide you a free pick up service and with guarantee, the transfer will be waiting holding your names at the Airport with big sign of LIZ`S EXPLORER.

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